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Lusófona University receives chemist Nuno Maulide

Renowned professor and writer holds four events aimed at students and the scientific community

30.05.23 - 16h42

On May 18, Universidade Lusófona hosted the Workshop “Seminar with Nuno Maulide: How to write a successful ERC proposal”, taught by the award-winning Portuguese chemist, professor and researcher of Organic Chemistry at the University of Vienna.


The Executive Agency of the European Research Council (ERC) encourages proposals of an interdisciplinary and pioneering nature that address new and emerging fields of research and introduce innovative approaches and unconventional scientific inventions.

This is one of the most important funding projects in the scientific field, with grants of greater monetary value, created to guarantee that leading researchers, of any age and nationality, continue to develop innovative and challenging research projects within Europe. It is a key component of Horizon Europe, the European Union's Research Framework Program for 2021-2027.

In addition, Nuno Maulide held three more events in Lusófona in the following days: on 05/19, the Workshop with seminar "Innovation in organic chemistry: from industry to entrepreneurship"; on 05/25, the Lecture "The fascination of Chemistry: solutions for society's challenges"; and on 05/26, the open class within the Organic Medicinal Chemistry discipline: "Demystifying organic chemistry: from hair to aromas, passing through sulfur". This last event was open to the entire national scientific community.

About the speaker

Nuno Maulide assumed the position of Research Group Leader at the Max-Planck fur Kohlenforschung institute, in Germany, and was the first Portuguese to receive the “Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2012” in the field of Chemistry. He was elected scientist of the year in Austria in 2018 and is among the 12 most distinguished Portuguese personalities in 2021. He received a Starting Grant in 2011, a Consolidator Grant in 2016 and a Proof of Concept in 2018. He also received the Springer Heterocylic Chemistry Award , an award given to researchers aged up to 50 every two to three years for outstanding contributions to the field of heterocycle chemistry. In addition, he received the distinction of the Spanish Chemical Society with the Marcial Moreno Mañas Lectureship, awarded annually to researchers under 40 years old, for exceptional contributions in the field of Organic Chemistry.


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