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The ILO and the Future of Work

Pursuing the objectives of disseminating the values ​​of the International Labor Organization.

22.11.22 - 10h47

On the 28th of October, a seminar was held in the Professor José Araújo Auditorium, where the priorities of the International Labor Organization for the future of work were discussed, among other matters regarding the contributions and difficulties faced by the entities responsible for work at work over the years.

Lusófona University received as keynote speaker Dr Albertina Jordão, ILO representative in Portugal, who shared with students about equality and non-discrimination in the world of work, reinforcing the importance of the Organization for the Portuguese Academy.

The seminar was divided into three main points, namely the century of promotion of rights at work, the challenges of globalization and the future of work. Reference was also made to the relationship that Portugal establishes as a founding member of the ILO, namely, following the objectives of disseminating the values of this organization, as a reference for reforms in matters of labor legislation and social policy.

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