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DegreeDoctorate Semesters6 Credits180
  • Admission Conditions

    Admission Conditions

    The following may apply for the Doctoral Programme: a) People who hold a master's degree or legal equivalent degree; b) People who hold a B.A., people who have an especially relevant school or scientific curriculum that is acknowledged as certifying capacity to obtain this study cycle by the Doctoral Programme's Scientific Committee; c) People who have a school, scientific and professional curriculum that is acknowledged as certifying capacity to obtain this study cycle by the Doctoral Programme¿s Scientific Committee.
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Under the terms of the law and university practice, the objectives of a PhD programme are the following: a) The capacity to understand systematically in a given scientific field of study; b) Competencies, aptitudes and research methods associated with a given scientific field; c) The ability to design, project, adapt and carry out significant research respecting the requirements imposed by the academic quality and integrity standards; d) To have undertaken a significant body of original research work which has contributed to broaden the frontiers of knowledge, part of which worthy of being disseminated in peer-reviewed journals; e) To be capable of analysing critically, assessing and synthesising new and complex ideas; f) To be able to communicate with their peers, the remaining academic community and sthough this is not a measurement) is done on a yearly basis by each e to foster social or cultural progress in an academic or professional context. Implementing these objectives is carried out from the curriculum and the CU made available in the so-called PhD programme (¿curricular part¿). - The theoretical CUs take the form of in-depth seminars, and their predominant form of assessment is the preparation of a paper, in the format required by Revista Lusófona de Educação (it should be noted that RLE is the most indexed of Portuguese journals, including the ISI Web of Knowledge and the SCOPUS); - The quite strong presence of guest professors, which allows students to enjoy a long-lasting contact with other scientific cultures and with reference research work in various fields; - The insistence of the programme¿s coordination that, at the beginning of every year, each student should consider his/her presence in scientific congresses in their field of research, with submission of papers; - The compulsory practice of previous publication of a certain number of papers in peer-reviewed journals with positive international evaluations before the public exam of their PhD thesis. The control over the extent to which these objectives are fulfilled (although this is not a measurement) is done on a yearly basis by each student¿s submission of a Progress Report, which includes information on the scientific production and activity carried out. This report must be previously subscribed by the scientific supervisor and is analysed by the scientific committee of the PhD Programme.
  • Objectives


    The definition of the objectives is elaborated according to the required competencies in accordance to the law and theuniversity practice: a) Ability to systematically understand a particular scientific field b) Competencies, aptitudes and research methods associated with a scientific field c) Ability to design, project, adapt and carry out a relevant research regarding the demands imposed by quality patterns and academic integrity d) Have elaborated a significant set of original research assignments that may contributed to the enlargement of knowledge boundaries, part of which is the object of publicizing in peer-review publications e) To be able to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas f) To be able to communicate with his/her peers, the rest of the academic community and society at large about the respective area of specialization g) To be able to promote the social or cultural progress in an academic and or professional context
  • Observations


    The PhD programme has a total of 180 ECTS, structured as follows: (i) a curricular part, corresponding to 90 ECTS, with a common duration of 3 semesters; (ii) a thesis, which was granted the remaining 90 ECTS. The curricular part of the programme is made up of advanced seminars (60 ECTS) and methodological seminars (15 ECTS), from a set offered by the University every year, as well as by the presentation and public discussion of the Research Report (15 ECTS). The final registration of the topic and plan of the PhD Thesis requires that the Research Report has been approved and discussed by a jury which is very similar to that which will analyse the Thesis. The two stages of the PhD Programme may partially overlap in time, and not be necessarily sequential.
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Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force.
    • Application Fees
      Foreign candidates 400€
      National or equivalent candidates 169€
    • Registration Fees
      Student Insurance 40€
      Readmission 90€
      Enrollment and Registration 245€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 311.4€
      Per ECTS 10.38€
    • Application Fees
      Foreign candidates 450€
      National or equivalent candidates 173€
    • Registration Fees
      Student Insurance 45€
      Readmission 100€
      Enrollment and Registration 285€

Course Subdirection

Rosa Serradas Duarte


Anabela Martins

  • Telephone extension
  • Location
    Sala C.0.14
  • Service hours
    2ªf a 6ªf - 10h00 às 13h e das 14h30 às 18h

Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Acreditation state
Acreditado - Deliberation
Registry number: R/A-Ef 271/2012

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS.

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