SAS - Social Action Service

Direct Social Support (Scholarships)

SAS - Social Action Service

Educational benefits for our students

Students enrolled at Lusófona University

The Social Action Regulation aims to define the rules for granting educational benefits to students enrolled at Lusófona University. Educational benefits are understood to be a reduction in the annual value of tuition fees, provided to students, relatives of students and employees of the Lusófona Group, former students enrolled in Doctoral courses, students from non-higher education establishments belonging to the Lusófona Group, between others.

Students have 7 business days after the application date to apply for educational benefits.

Lusófona University Scholarships

PhD Scholarship

The application process for the Lusófona University Doctoral Scholarship Program takes place when applying for the respective PhD programme.

Applicants to the PhD program must choose the option "I want to apply for a PhD Scholarship" when applying for the same.

Applications to the Doctoral Scholarship program do not have their own timetable.
The following PhDs are covered by the Lusófona University Scholarship Program:

Scientific Employment and Research Grants

Research Grants and Scientific Employment

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Doctoral Scholarship for Physical Education and Sport

Applications for a Doctoral Scholarship in Physical Education and Sport.

Scholarship of Excellence

At Lusófona University, we award our best students, those who came from secondary education and enrolled in a degree, but also the best undergraduate students who enrolled in a master's degree. If you have an average above 16 points, your 1st year tuition fee in Lusófona can be discounted. Consult the regulation.

  • Rules for Awarding Scholarships to Reward Excellence - 2022/2023 Lisbon

    Download (PDF)
  • Rules for Awarding Scholarships to Reward Excellence - 2023/2024 Lisbon

    Download (PDF)

Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to award the best students of Lusófona University, or other institutions of the Lusófona Group, enrolled in a degree or integrated master's degree. The scholarship will be awarded to students with the highest average. Consult the regulation.

Merit Scholarship - Awarded by DGES

DGES will award Merit Scholarships to Students from Higher Education Institutions that are part of the "Grupo Lusófona".

Scholarships for Students from CPLP Countries - Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries

The educational benefits granted to students from Portuguese-speaking Community countries are part of the Institutional support program dedicated to the training and qualification of highly qualified human resources for the Member States in order to contribute to the development of Portuguese-speaking countries and peoples, in the various domains. In this sense, "Ensino Lusófona" seeks to fulfill its mission and annually awards support grants to students from CPLP countries, in the form of a reduction in the annual tuition fee, thus guaranteeing the necessary support for these young people to attend and completion of higher education.


  • 1st phase: from July 12th to August 13th
  • 2nd phase: from August 16th to October 29th

Consult the Regulation and Apply for CPLP Scholarships

European Union Scholarships

The European Funding Guide works through an algorithm that presents only the grants, funding and awards that really correspond to the individual profile of each student. The 12,000 support programs available cover a wide range of areas for which university students can apply for (financial) support. This support covers living expenses, tuition fees and internships at extra costs for semesters abroad, language courses and costs associated with scientific projects.

More information at

Discounted protocols

The Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies has pursued its policy of granting discounts to students enrolled in its educational establishment, and who are part of public institutions, companies, trade unions, professionals, or cultural associations, with which it has signed collaboration.

Students have 7 business days after enrollment date to apply for educational benefits under protocols.

Consult our list of protocols here.

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