Debate entre Candidatos às Eleições Legislativas

Recession of the list leaders of each party in a debate.

01.03.24 - 10h30

On February 21, Universidade Lusófona hosted a political debate between the leading candidates of the parties with parliamentary representation in the Porto constituency. The main aim of the university's initiative was to enlighten students about the proposals of each party, at a time when the legislative elections are approaching, scheduled for March 10.

The panel discussion was attended by leading political figures representing various parties with a parliamentary presence: Dr. Miguel Guimarães (Democratic Alliance), Dr. Marisa Matias (Left Bloc), Dr. Carlos Guimarães Pinto (Liberal Initiative), Dr. Francisco Assis (Socialist Party), Dr. João Ferreira (CDU) and Dr. Rui Afonso (Chega). 

During the debate, the candidates tackled crucial topics, highlighting issues such as housing, health, the economy, wages, emigration, fiscal policy and regionalization. Each candidate had the opportunity to present their perspectives and proposals, providing voters with a comprehensive view of each party's positions.

Housing emerged as a key topic, with discussions on solutions to the housing crisis and proposals to guarantee access to housing for all. Health was another focal point, with a focus on measures to strengthen the system and improve access to medical care.

The economy, wages and emigration were addressed in a wide-ranging manner, reflecting the diversity of ideas between the candidates. Fiscal policy and regionalization were also highlighted, revealing divergences and convergences in the parties' approaches.

This debate at Universidade Lusófona provided a detailed analysis of the candidates' proposals and party perspectives for the future of Porto and the country. With elections imminent, students now have more comprehensive information to make informed decisions when casting their votes at the polls on March 10.

See the graphic record on our YouTube and Facebook.


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