iTechStyle Green Circle

Universidade Lusófona had five students at the 'iTechStyle Green Circle' exhibition, making it the most represented university.

21.09.23 - 12h06

The Lusófona University gains special prominence as a higher education institution with the largest representation in the iTechStyle Green Circle exhibition, with five notable participations - the master's students, Ivo Barreiros and Eduarda Mandim, Clara Silva, from 1.º year of degree, Luis Sanchez, designer and professor at ULusófona, as well as the contribution of Projeto das Lérias - transmission of intergenerational knowledge. 

iTechStyle Green Circle is an example with regard to sustainability in the textile and clothing industry in Portugal. Promoted by CITEVE - Technological Center for the Textile and Clothing Industry of Portugal and in partnership with ASM - Associação Selectiva Moda, curated by Paulo Gomes, this exhibition is ; presented annually at MODTISSIMO and, subsequently, jumps from fair to fair and event to event of an international nature in the sector, from Neonyt, ISPO, Heimtextil, Munich Fabric Start to Premiere Vision. The event will bring together 52 fashion coordinates, produced in collaboration with the approximately fifty Portuguese companies present, benefiting from the use of their textile products. 

According to Cristina Castro, public relations at CITEVE, this edition will help to improve resort to the use of biodegradable materials and natural processes. In this segment, one of the biggest innovations is; the introduction of the concept of "digital product passport", providing information relating to the most diverse parameters, from water consumption to water consumption. origin of materials. This initiative aims to achieve sector goals by the end of the year. 2030, simultaneously contributing to the spread of awareness. 

It has been a very positive and exciting response, accompanied by an exponential increase in interest and demand from visitors. To explore the pieces and learn about their respective authors, consult the digital catalog here.  

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