New DEISI Student Lounge

The renovated student space, DEISI HUB, has finally been inaugurated

14.02.24 - 13h00

Surrounded by the DEISI laboratories, room Q.3.2, originally used as a space dedicated to students since September 2023, has now been transformed into a fantastic space, the DEISI HUB. Last Wednesday, at 1pm, it was finally inaugurated, opening its doors to several students, welcoming each one with a guaranteed pleasant surprise. 

Completely refurbished, it has become a cozy space for students to socialize and work, cultivating a healthy and productive physical and interactive environment at DEISI. With excellent lighting and views, access to sofas, sockets and tables to ensure the practicality and comfort of those who frequent it, as well as all-in-one PCs. It will have a display case with a library containing the main bibliography of all the courses DEISI covers, as well as several chessboards. 

We also have three monitors and a lab technician (proudly, all DEISI students) who guarantee the room's operation between 9am and 10pm, every working day of the week.

Through initiatives like this, Universidade Lusófona - Centro Universitário Lisboa and DEISI (Department of Computer Engineering and Information Systems) aim to create an academic community, encouraging students to feel comfortable attending university and to work collaboratively.

See Photos of the Event on ULusófona's Facebook


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