ULusófona Reflects on Mental Health and AI at the Global Health Forum

This event will be represented by teachers Tânia Gaspar and Pedro Gamito on 29 September.

19.09.23 - 09h54

The Global Health Forum is part of the Mental Health and Artificial Intelligence panel.

Artificial intelligence is emerging. is increasingly present in the health sector, in terms of procedures, treatments, research and development. The area of mental health is not a single area of expertise. exception.

The intersection between mental health and artificial intelligence is critical. It is a complex phenomenon that is constantly and rapidly evolving.

The panel intends to reflect and promote debate on the opportunities and challenges of using artificial intelligence to promote mental health and well-being, with a special focus on promoting mental health. healthier work environments, stress management and burnout prevention.

This use has the potential to provide significant benefits, such as increased accessibility and early detection. However, it also presents challenges, including privacy concerns, bias, and the risk of replacing essential human connections. The development and responsible use of these innovations must carefully consider these factors and prioritize ethical, safe and patient-centered practices.

The panel intends to discuss these opportunities and challenges in the application of artificial intelligence to technology. promotion of mental health, from an international and multidisciplinary perspective, we count on your contribution to this reflection.


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