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Asynchronous Classes

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Asynchronous classes are those that are not held in real time, or simultaneously. These depend on the availability of content through an online system that allows students to consult it without the need to be in a classroom in person. The management of content consultation times depends exclusively on the student, with the Teacher being responsible for producing and making available the respective materials through a system such as Moodle.


What is it?

Moodle is an online learning management system (LMS) that allows collaboration, document sharing and interaction between teachers and students. Moodle can be used either in 100% distance learning regimes, or in mixed regimes where there is a face-to-face and a distance component.

Moodle is available to all teachers and students at Grupo Lusófona's teaching establishments, with a space for each subject of the different courses.

Moodle is essentially a tool that allows the sharing of documents and information between teachers and students. Document upload is limited to 25mb. For larger files, such as video for example, you can use the EDUCAST for uploading videos and later sharing them.


Through Educast you can record, edit and publish educational videos (classes, training, tutorials, etc.). This publication is uploaded to a searchable portal, which aggregates more than 22,000 educational videos. Educast allows editing and publishing, using its own software, in a simplified way, ensuring that the videos are available to students in multiple formats (streaming, desktop and mobile).

Access to Educast

How can I access?

The Moodle platform is available to all teachers and students of Group Lusófona through the following link:

Access to Moodle

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