How to schedule Zoom/Colibri sessions from Moodle


To schedule Zoom sessions in Moodle you need to have your email address in Moodle in the correct format. Consult the email configuration support page in Moodle here

The integration between Zoom / Colibri and Moodle allows:

  • Session scheduling directly from Moodle;
  • Consultation of sessions by discipline;
  • Students can consult sessions by subject from Moodle

To schedule Zoom / Colibri sessions from Moodle, you must activate the edit mode and choose the option: + Add an activity or resource


From the list of activities choose the option: External Tool


In the tool configuration add a suggestive name and in the Pre-configured tool option choose the Colibri




Finally save the changes and return to the course


In the course, just click on the new activity created


You must now have access to the Zoom / Colibri scheduling window.


The appointments made in the context of Moodle are specific to each discipline. If you want to invite someone to one of the classes, just send the link to the guest. The link is available in each session.

The view that the student has of scheduling is very similar to that of the Professor


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