Masters Animation Arts

This course aims to explore the potentialities of animation in artistic, narrative and experimental context. The production and directing of animation films and the use of animation in an expanded field such as art installation or video mapping are practic Read more



DegreeMasters Semesters4 Credits120
  • Presentation


    This course aims to explore the potentialities of animation in artistic, narrative and experimental context. The production and directing of animation films and the use of animation in an expanded field such as art installation or video mapping are practices towards which the course is oriented. It is a course focused on experimentation and research of animation, which has become the dominant area of the art and audiovisual industry.
  • Admission Conditions

    Admission Conditions

    The following are eligible to apply for the cycle of studies leading to a master's degree: a) holders of a bachelor's degree or legal equivalent; b) holders of a foreign academic degree awarded following a 1st cycle of studies organized in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process by a State adhering to that process; c) holders of a foreign higher academic degree that is recognized as satisfying the objectives of a bachelor's degree by the statutorily competent body; d) holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by the statutorily competent body of CUL as attesting to the ability to carry out this cycle of studies. Grading criteria: - 25% Previous qualifications (degree certificate) - 75% Interview and Curriculum evaluation/portfolio. Candidates with no degree or no classification of previous qualification, the interview is weighted at 100%.
  • Who is this course for?

    Who is this course for?

    The master programme is adressed for all applicants with previous artistic training and who want to use animation to expand their knowledge and skills. It is also oriented at all those who want to develop research in animation through their artistic and production conception processes contributing to the field of artistic research and practice based animation.
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    - Knowledge of the main theories and historical aspects related to the arts of animation and its aesthetic and artistic approaches in the national and European domain; - The acquisition of skills in the production and animation filming and moving image arts; - The acquisition of skills on the technological device associated with the production of animation; - Search of skills and development around the applications of animation in different artistic and technological contexts; - The acquisition of critical and analytical skills that allow the application of concepts and principles associated to the production of animation as an artistic instrument of reflection and narrative analysis.
  • Objectives


    This master's programme has as its main goal the research and experimentation in the area of animation arts, through: - Knowledge and application of animation techniques; - Studies and practices of literacy in the area of arts and animation around the analysis, study and production of animation cinema; - Explore the dynamic particularities of animation to provide students with their own personal style and vision, through curricular units with an emphasis on innovation, invention and experimentation; - Specialization in the arts of animation for the audiovisual market and for author's work; - In accordance with the growing popularity and commercial impact of the animation genre in the most varied audiovisual projects, we propose the fundamental reinforcement in the teaching of animation in Portugal and, therefore, the specialization of animation professionals.
  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Filming and production of animation cinema; Production applied to areas of expanded animation (art installation, virtual and augmented reality, video mapping); Research in animation.
  • Future Studies

    Future Studies

    Mestrado Erasmus Mundus Re:Anima; Doutoramento em Arte dos Media e Comunicação.
  • Infrastructure and Equipment

    Infrastructure and Equipment

    The Lusófona University campus has a large audiovisual and multimedia production facilities which includes spaces specifically dedicated to the area of animation, with particular emphasis on a classroom with 10 animation sets where students work on various techniques (clay, cutouts, sand, oil, puppets ...), a construction classroom with all the necessary tools and machinery plus an animation set, a 3D animation classroom with 20 PCs with Maya and Mudbox for digital illustration, a 2D classroom with 20 macs and 20 cintiqs with TV Paintand Krita, a drawing and design classroom with 23 easels, and a MOCAP laboratory for motion capture. We also have a theater with 160 seats (Sala Fernando Lopes).
  • Research


    The artistic, narrative and experimental process that is developed in the master programme is research matter in itself. In parallel, in some of the courses, it is required that the student elaborates in writing his/her artistic conception process in direct relation with the state of the art and with the literature on animation studies, so that it can be published and disseminated and contribute to research in the area.
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Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force.
    • Application Fees
      Foreign candidates 450€
      National or equivalent candidates 173€
    • Registration Fees
      Student Insurance 45€
      Readmission 100€
      Enrollment and Registration 285€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 307.2€
      Per ECTS 10.24€


Patrícia Alexandra Da Silva Franco

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    Sala F.1.14
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    2ªf a 6ªf - 9h30 às 13h e das 14h30 às 18h

Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Acreditation state
Acreditado - Deliberation
Registry number: R/A-Cr 103/2015/AL02

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 120 ECTS.
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