FilmEU Unveils Its Ambitious Next Phase

FilmEU unveils its next phase, elevating film and media arts education in Europe.

28.11.23 - 09h34

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FilmEU, a European University without precedent or parallel, is celebrating the start of its next transformative phase in Ghent, Belgium. Originally made up of four institutions and now expanded to eight, FilmEU represents a revolutionary force in higher education for film and media arts. This European University for Film and Media Arts, with the support of the European Universities initiative, is a catalyst for the metamorphosis of higher education in the Member States.

Since its creation, FilmEU has achieved important milestones. Now, the European University is poised to create a lasting impact, envisioning a significant educational framework that will shape the cinema arts landscape in Europe and beyond. This initiative will influence the social discourse on sustainability, inclusion, climate, research, mobility, innovation and digital transformation, extending its impact far beyond the partner institutions.

The core discipline of Film and Media, along with a wide range of thematic areas found in the participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), will benefit immensely from FilmEU's programme approach. This approach will allow each partner to transcend their individual strengths, influencing both external engagement and internal structures. FilmEU is preparing for the evolution of the national and European higher education sector by creating a mutually beneficial and supportive environment for all stakeholders.

In response to the European Commission's call to deepen, expand and intensify existing co-operation, FilmEU is pleased to welcome four new partners. This expansion from four to eight leading HEIs across Europe, led by Universidade Lusófona de Portugal, includes original members Luca School of Arts in Belgium, IADT in Ireland and TLU in Estonia, and welcomes VŠMU (Slovakia), LMTA (Lithuania), VIA University College (Denmark) and NATFA (Bulgaria). This strengthened partnership consolidates diverse competences in the field of cultural and creative industries, reinforcing Europe's global leadership in education, research and innovation.

FilmEU is proud to announce two important funding wins that mark significant support from the European Union. Firstly, the alliance has received 12.8 million euros from the Erasmus+ programme. This is testimony to the EU's strong support for FilmEU as the only European university dedicated to the cultural and creative industries. This funding is a key step towards advancing screen arts and culture education across Europe. In addition, FilmEU obtained 5 million euros from the Horizon Europe programme for the WIRE (Widening Innovation Research Excellence) FilmEU project. This project, which is part of the HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-03-01 call, aims to strengthen research and innovation capacity within the alliance, focussing in particular on the enlargement countries. The WIRE FilmEU initiative, which complements the educational and innovation agenda of FilmEU+, aims to strengthen our research agenda, with a special emphasis on capacity building in artistic research. Together, these funds propel FilmEU forward in its mission to reshape and reinvigorate the landscape of education, research and innovation in film and the creative industries in Europe.

FilmEU will build on the success of the Alliance's previous efforts by exploring innovative models of sustainable cooperation. By consolidating complementary programmes in the cinematic arts and related fields, FilmEU aims to raise Europe's profile as a leading provider of education, research and innovation in the cultural and creative industries.

Celebrating diversity, FilmEU offers an authentic and unique educational experience, promoting a broad spectrum of storytelling that transcends cultural boundaries. With significant investment from the European Commission, FilmEU, the European University is set to shape the future of arts and culture education, foster innovation and collaboration, and create a lasting impact on Europe's creative landscape.

"By embarking on this new phase of FilmEU, we are not only expanding in numbers, but also in our vision for the future of creative industries education in Europe," says Manuel José Damásio, director of the Cinema Department at Universidade Lusófona. "With our alliance growing from four to eight institutions, we are weaving a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, ideas and creative expressions. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to revolutionising film and media arts education, fostering innovation and building an environment of collaboration and inclusion that resonates with the dynamic spirit of Europe. Our aim is not only to educate, but to inspire a new generation of creatives who are prepared to tell Europe's story through a multiplicity of lenses, fostering a society enriched by diversity, creativity and forward-thinking."


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