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Mestrado em Kino Eyes - Realização e Produção Cinematográfica

Escola de Comunicação, Arquitetura, Artes e Tecnologias da Informação

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Apresentação do Curso

This two year MA programme is a brand-new highly intensive fiction film making masters degree supported by ERASMUS+.

The programme takes the form of four semesters teaching, along with a summer school. The teaching is unique for a film making MA in that it is split between three different film schools in three different European states: Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal, Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh/ Napier University, UK, and the Baltic Film and Media School in Tallinn, Estonia. The teaching in each campus reflects the strengths of the staff and educational history of each school, so providing each specialist student with a choice of the best possible options for learning. Each school has a substantial track record teaching masters film-making courses.

Grau ou Diploma conferido | Duração | ECTS

Mestre | 4 Semestres | 120 ECTS

Direção do Curso

Professor Doutor Manuel José Damásio

Condições de Ingresso

KEM is open to European and non-European students with a BA degree related with film production; other degrees are accepted for applicants with professional experience also in film. In order to guarantee high-quality training, KEM will only enroll 6 students per specialisation.
The following requirements must be fulfilled by all applicants:
¿ Application Form (online and complying with the imposed deadlines, no applications sent by regular mail will be accepted).
¿ Copy of passport/identification card (This should be an official identification document including a photograph and personal data like first name, surname and date and place of birth. This data should be described in English language -like in passports. We recommend that it should have an expiration date that covers the duration of the entire master).
¿ Recent photograph.
¿ Final university diploma from previous degree(s) - BA or Master with minimum National Framework Qualifications level 8 or European Qualifications Framework level 6 - (If in other language than in English, additional officially certified translation into English is obligatory, and it should also contain the University stamp).
¿ Curriculum vitae (must provide professional qualification(s), experience, pieces of work(s), job(s), task(s), professional skills in film-making).
¿ Two or three Letters of Recommendation. These do not have to follow a template. The only requirement is that the contact details of the person providing the reference must be clearly typed and should contain a business email address and a telephone number.
¿ Letter of motivation that expresses interest in studying at KEM (max 1000 characters).
¿ Expectations concerning knowledge to acquire (max 1000 characters).
¿ Portfolio/ show reel of previous films (This portfolio must reflect your area of specialization chosen for the Master course. You should show the film credits and if possible, with English subtitles. Only unlisted link in YouTube or similar.)
¿ If you are applying for scriptwriting, please upload the treatments of your most significant work. If filmed, please include it on your portfolio/show-reel.
¿ Proof of proficiency in the English language - IELTS 6.0 - Further requirement listed at the end of the page*
¿ A residence certificate issued in accordance with the candidate's municipality normal registration rules or, a certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training issued by the employer or institution in question.

Requisitos de Graduação

Ter concluído um total de 120 ECTS


Students will form collaborative teams and work towards a funded graduation project. These final thesis films will be expected to perform at first-tier international film festivals. Teaching on the programme will be supplemented by a comprehensive course of professional practice preparation, involving industry professionals from all over Europe, including production and craft specialists, distributors, festival programmers, financiers, lawyers and casting directors.


Students will be recruited in the following areas: Directing, screenwriting, producing, cinematography, editing and sound. Around half the teaching will be geared to each specialism, while the rest will consist of transferable skills in film making, creative practice, entrepreneurship and critical thinking - skills that are essential for all film students.


Plano de Estudos

Despacho n.º 12143/2015, de 28 de outubro
1.º Ano/ Tronco comumSemestre ECTS
Desenvolvimento - Ideias e Storytelling1º Semestre10
Estética e Tecnologia1º Semestre5
Introdução à Indústria do Cinema - Transformações e Oportunidades1º Semestre5
Métodos de Criatividade1º Semestre5
O Património Cinematográfico Europeu1º Semestre5
Dramaturgia Audiovisual2º Semestre5
Seminário de Análise Fílmica2º Semestre5
1.º Ano/ RealizaçãoSemestre ECTS
Realização2º Semestre10
Visualização2º Semestre10
1.º Ano/ ArgumentoSemestre ECTS
Escrita para Curta-Metragens de Ficção2º Semestre10
Escrita para Longas-Metragens2º Semestre10
1.º Ano/ ProduçãoSemestre ECTS
Gestão da Produção2º Semestre10
Produção Criativa2º Semestre10
2.º Ano/ Tronco comumSemestre ECTS
Desenvolvimento Avançado de Curta-Metragem1º Semestre10
Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento para Produção de Projeto Final1º Semestre10
Workshop de Empreendedorismo1º Semestre5
Workshop de Transmedia e Storytelling1º Semestre5
Dissertação2º Semestre15
Projeto de Ficção2º Semestre15

Corpo Docente

Lista de Professores do Curso, Habilitações e Regime de Tempo
DocenteHabilitações AcadémicasRegime
Amândio José Fernandes De Freitas CoroadoLicenciaturaTempo Parcial
António Afonso CostaDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Célia Maria Silvério QuicoDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Edmundo José Neves CordeiroDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Filipe Brilha Roque Do ValeLicenciaturaTempo Integral
Filipe Soares Branco Da Costa LuzDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Gonçalo Laidley Melo Galvão TelesMestradoTempo Integral
Hedisson MotaMestradoTempo Integral
Inês Godinho Mendes Viveiros GilDoutoramentoTempo Integral
João Altavilla CanijoMestradoTempo Parcial
Jorge Manuel Paixão Da CostaMestradoTempo Integral
José Manuel De Figueiredo Gomes PintoDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Manuel José Carvalho Almeida DamásioAgregaçãoTempo Integral
Marco António Almeida AmaralLicenciaturaTempo Parcial
Maria Claudia Silva Afonso E AlvaresDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Marta Cidraes Vaz De Sousa GrabnerLicenciaturaTempo Parcial
Paulo Renato Da Silva Gil ViveirosDoutoramentoTempo Integral
Possidónio José Rosado CachapaDoutoramentoTempo Parcial
Rafael Manuel Patrão Tavares Antunes Martins LicenciaturaTempo Parcial


Alunos externos 0 €
Antecipa-te 0 €
Titulares de curso superior 126 €
Titulares de Curso Superior Estrangeiro 300 €
Titulares de curso superior (Grupo Lusófona) 0 €
Seguro Escolar40 €
Matrícula e Inscrição184 €
Valor médio mensal para 30 ECTS para disciplinas semestrais 0 €
Valor por ECTS 0 €

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