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DegreeBachelor Semesters8 Credits240
  • Admission Conditions

    Admission Conditions

    Podem candidatar-se a este ciclo de estudos os que apresentem candidatura através do concurso institucional de acesso e tenham aprovação a uma das seguintes provas:

    • 06 Filosofia
    • 09 Geografia
    • 11 História
    • 18 Português

    Candidates may also apply via the regimes of institution/programme transfer or via Special Application, in accordance with the legal regulations in force (holders of higher education degree, holders of a Technological Specialization Course, holders of Professional Higher Technician Course or Over 23 years of Age). Candidates who meet the requirements defined in the International Student Statute can also apply.
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

    The main objective is the excellence training of professionals in the various fields of the juridical sciences who are able to work in Portugal and in the entire Lusophone space. Thus, it is natural that the competencies to be developed in the context of this study cycle respond to this central objective, but also seek to reinforce the employability and entrepreneurship potential of the future graduates, namely given the present dynamics of this sector. The present study cycle in Law has the objective of ensuring a comprehensive teaching that prepares the students for the various juridical careers, stimulating at the same time the individual vocations and developing transversal competencies. While the general competencies within the scope of the juridical sciences regarding the analytical and discursive abilities of the future professional are developed in the context of the various curricular units that integrate the study plan, the creation of optional curricular units intends to stimulate the acquisition of competencies at linguistic level, use of computer tools and support to self-employment and entrepreneurship that are relevant factors in future contexts of personal and professional development. The main general competencies to be developed are: heuristic ability to analyse texts and legislative pieces; ability to interpret and write juridical pieces; ability to articulate knowledge and specific Law information and knowledge of other fields, such as Economics; ability to research and interpret information available in electronic databases; ability to orally present and submit information; argumentative and discursive ability; formal competencies to analyse and generalize information. The objectives defined in terms of training are put into practice through the permanent update and supervision of the teaching and learning processes and their achievement is measured taking into account the school success rates, qualitative assessment of the academic staff by the students, assessment of the professional integration process; demand rate and assessment of the students by the lecturers.
  • Objectives


    The main aim of the law degree is the training of professionals in different fields of legal sciences. Thus, the law degree works, after their adaptation to Bologna, in full coordination with the ongoing 2nd Cycle in law where students are taught subjects in a number of areas of specialization (Legal Sciences, Legal-economic Sciences and Legal ¿political Sciences) that ensure the student full compliance with the requirements for professional practice in the most noble of areas of law such as, for example, advocacy. In addition, the degree aims to ensure the acquisition of transversal skills, essential to professional practice (for example, linguistics) and the education of the human and ethical point of view of individuals who, through their future actions, will generally contribute to the development and richness of the society in which they operate.
  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Advocacy; Judiciary; Academic Career; Conservative; Registries and Notarial Services; Public Administration; Litigation Public and Private Companies; Diplomatic Service
  • Future Studies

    Future Studies

    The degree of Bachelor allows access to postgraduate studies
  • Infrastructure and Equipment

    Infrastructure and Equipment

    Amphitheater, Class Room, Auditorium, Study room, Teachers room, offices, computer lab, Library, Bars and Canteens. Fixed Projector, Portable Projector (by request), Overhead ( by request),Audio system, Notebook (by request), PC Desktop HP7600 - Pentium D 2.8GHz - RAM 1 Gb - HD 40Gb
  • Observations


    To develop an active policy aiming at its students¿ professional integration is one of the objectives of this study cycle. Thus, besides having signed various cooperation protocols to integrate our students in internships and on-the-job training in several public and private entities operating in this sector in Portugal, as illustrated by the protocols uploaded in A16.1, we should also mention, in view of their relevance to the present 1st cycle degree, the internships and/or training periods specific by agreements with the following bodies: - Ministry of Justice - Portuguese Bar Association - National Institute of Legal Medicine
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Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force.
    • Application Fees
      Admission for Undergraduates 215€
      Holders of University Degree 215€
      Readmission 100€
      Over 23 years 215€
      International student 350€
      Change Course 100€
      International Student with ENEM 350€
    • Registration Fees
      Registration 286€
      Student Insurance 45€
      Enrollment 350€
    • Tuition
      Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 425.4€
      Per ECTS 14.18€

Course Direction


Paula Almeida

  • Telephone extension
  • Location
    Sala A. 0.28
  • Service hours
    2ª a 5º feira - 9h às 17h e 6ª feira - 9h às 15h

Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

Acreditation state
Acreditado - Deliberation
Registry number: R/A-Ef 9/2012/AL01

Graduation Requirements

Have completed a total of 240 ECTS.
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